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Showing that it is not just a beachside tourist haven, the expansive Domaine de L ‘Etoile on the East Coast of Mauritius is a treasure trove of activities. Aimed at providing a family fun day, one can go quad bike riding through the mountainous terrain, engage in horse riding or walk through the luscious green surroundings that takes one into the heartland of nature. A serene stroll along the river that runs through the property is a wonderful appetizer of things to come. We were driven to the highest part of the mountain from where one could enjoy a panoramic view of the island. Tourists seemed to be queuing to go quad biking at Domaine de L ‘Etoile but there’s much more than meets the eye. Indigenous forests, beautiful bird life, stag roaming around the valleys and a silence in the air that gives one a feeling almost of being in a religious sanctuary. Domaine de L ‘Etoile shows off a different side of Mauritius. Where one is captivated by the country’s beaches, Domaine de L ‘Etoile takes one into the bosom of nature, embracing one with beauty and some beasts. It was a different slice of Mauritius, a paradise but for families to take in the atmosphere through the range of activities on offer. Some families bring their children to go horse-riding while the adults drive the quad through the valleys of Domaine de L ‘Etoile.